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  • Voxmed: Medicine & Liberty's informal blog platform. It is designed to discuss news and issues that affect liberty in our society and is open to public posting.


Allies ...

  • AAPS The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons founded in 1943 is an active professional association dedicated to the preservation of the Hippocratic covenant and to the defense of the patient-physician relationship and of private medicine
  • Accelerate progress Conducted by Scott Riccio, this organization works towards improving systems that govern access to new therapies.
  • Americans for Free Choice in Medicine directed by Richard Ralston promotes the philosophy of individual rights, personal responsibility and free market economics in the health care industry. AFCM advocates a full, free market health care system
  • Atlas Economic Research Foundation, supports intellect
    ual entrepreneurs who work towards of a society of free and responsible individuals.
  • Campaign for Fighting Diseases (CFD) works to encourage the adoption of practical policies that will help eradicate diseases and poverty.
  • Center for Medicine in the Public Interest CMPI advocates exponential and accelerating technological progress coupled with smart public policy as the way to advance 21st Century health care by predicting, preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases with greater speed, more precision and less cost
  • Civitas London based institute for the study of civil society, works towards genuine market reform for healthcare in the UK.
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) a free-market public policy group conducted by Fred Smith, that tackles a wide range of issues. CEI has notably taken a strong stand in favour of patients victims of FDA's regulatory processes.
  • Galen Institute, founded By Grace-Marie Turner advocates consumer driven healthcare and devolution of authority and responsibility to patients and physicians

  • Inititative for Public Policy Analysis Nigeria Thomson Ayodele and his colleagues actively promote the principles of liberty in African healthcare and other fields.
  • Instituto Juan de Mariana (IJdM) directed by Professor Gabriel Calzada is one of the most dynamic think tanks in the Hispanic world. It actively supported the founding of
  • Istituto Bruno Leoni,  (IBL) Italy, directed by Alberto Mingardi, is a prominent Italian think tank.  MedLib contributed to Eppur Si Muove a book published by IBL on health care issues.
  • International Policy Network (IPN) is a charity based in the UK, and a non-profit (501c3) organization in the US. It is a non-governmental, educational and non-partisan organization.
  • New Economic School in Georgia (NES) Based in Tbilisi, NES is an award winning institute established in 2001 dedicated to advocacy and dissemination of on classical liberal economic principles in the Caucasus. Its main ideas are methodological individualism, personal freedom and limited government.
  • Medibid : market solutions made available to physicians and patients who want to contract for service without intrusion from third parties.
  • Patients United Now, A project conducted by Amy Menefee from the American Prosperity Foundation, designed to give a voice to patients in health care reforms that put their lives at risk.

... in Switzerland

  • Associazione Liberisti Ticinese an active free market & libertarian group from the italian part of Switzerland
  • Liberales Institut, Zürich, founded in 1979 - the oldest fully freedom oriented Swiss think tank.
  • Union Patient-Médecin a Swiss association created in 2006 that regroups patients and doctors and that defends patient right to choose his doctor

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