Medicine & Liberty : Network of liberty oriented doctors



Executive Director

Dr Alphonse Crespo, Vevey


Past Medical Advisory Council

Dr Fabienne Gay-Crosier, Geneva

Prof. Orlando del Don, Bellinzona

Dr Rudolf Mayer, Pully-Lausanne

Dr Serban Sichitiu, Lausanne

Dr Henri Siegenthaler, Biel

Dr Francis Thevoz, Lausanne



Dr Ernest Truffer, Sierre


Former MedECON Academic Board

Prof. Victoria Curzon Price, Geneva

Mr Pierre Bessard, Lausanne & Zurich

Prof. Gabriel Calzada, Madrid & Guatemala City

Prof. Martín Krause, Buenos Aires

Prof. Georges Lane, Paris

Prof. Pierre Lemieux, Quebec

Vis. Prof. Frederic Roeder, Tallinn & Berlin

Prof Michael Schlander, Heidelberg


Ethics in Economics

Former Research Fellow

Ms Nicoleta Acatrinei, Zurich


Former External Consultants

Dr Sophie Crespo, Geneva

Ms Shahnaz Radjy-Cramer, NY


Technical advisor

Mr Alexandre Délez, Attalens

Video  Production

Mr Stefan Metzeler, Saint-Sulpice



Medicine & Liberty
Sentier de la Tour-Carrée 9
CH-1800 Vevey - Switzerland
Tel & fax: 41 21 922 60 82

About Us


Médicine & Liberty (MedLib) proposes to act towards more liberty in healthcare through networking and advocacy

  • via its Internet platform
  • publications and articles in professional journals and the general press
  • round tables, seminars and educational programs for physicians, health care professionals and medical students
  • participation in international campaigns on issues related to its mission, in partnership with allied institutes


Medicine & Liberty is an independent network conducted by Dr Alphonse Crespo, its executive director and founder. It is backed by a consultative medical board of reputed physicians active in other associations. A specific international advisory board of experts has been constituted for the academic monitoring of MedECON, MedLIb's key Market economics for doctors Educational & Co-Operational Network. Med-Econ seminars are also organized in partnership with the Liberal Institute.

Associated Collaborators

Ms Shahnaz Radjy-Cramer biology graduate from U Penn (Philadelphia) was our events and conferences managing consultant. Sophie Crespo MD  has now joined our team as our special seminar project consultant. Stefan Metzeler graduate from the Ecole Poytechnique Federale (EPFL) and IT specialist as our technical consultant. Ms Nicoleta Acatrinei graduate in economics & theology, joined our network in February 2009 as research fellow  for Ethics in Economics.


MedLib was created in 2007. The development of our project was supported by the Institut Constant de Rebeque, IATROS (Dr Tim Winning), Doctors Alliance (Shane Frith), the Stockholm Network, the Liberales Insitutethe ATLAS economic reseach foundation, the Templeton foundation and others. 

Join Us

If you share our ideas and if you want to take an active part in building our national and international network do not hesitate to CONTACT us. We also PARTNER with groups, institutes and organizations that work towards free markets in healthcare and/or towards more liberty in other fields of human action.