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November 7th 2008 in Geneva

MedECON launch conference on the ethics and economics of patient & doctor-driven access to innovation. Featuring Bart Madden, author of "More Choices, Better Health" and conceptor of "Dual traking" a novative model for accelerating the availabily of new therapies.

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September 29th 2008 in Geneva

Institut Constant Conference on the economics of government failures. Featuring Pierre Lemieux, member of MedECON Academic board and presented his latest book: Comprendre l'Economie .


December 10th 2008 in Tblisi

Exploratory meeting for Privamed-pro MedECON project developed in partnership with the New Economic School in Georgia.



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The complexity of their apprenticeship and the wide range of challenges and burdens inherent to their everyday practice cause doctors to neglect the scrutiny of the institutional and economical framework that shapes and conditions their professional activity. This, compounded by prolonged exposure to healthcare models inherited from the 19th Century, has led them to condone regulatory policies that constrict the quality of care. The disproportionate weight of third parties on their professional autonomy has also significantly affected the spirits of physicians in many parts of the world.

Medicine & Market

Insufficient knowledge of economic principles stops physicians from exploring and supporting market alternatives for healthcare that would offer better opportunities for professional fulfilment, medical innovation and therapeutic progress. Inadequate understanding of market mechanisms also leads to flawed perceptions on the role and value of prosperous and dynamic health industries.

Preparing for the Future

Demographic pressures on welfare expenditures together with the dynamics of social change, will inevitably lead to the devolution of socialized healthcare to a market economy, as was the case for other public industries and services. A better understanding of how the market works will therefore also become a prerequisite for a smooth and confident transition of the medical corporation to a free market environment in healthcare.

What is MedECON?

Médecine & Liberté Switzerland, in partnership with Medicina en Libertad, Spain have engaged in a a joint research and educational project entitled MedECON, (“Market Economy for Doctors - Educational & Co-Operational Network”) primarily designed to help physicians and other healthcare professionals

  • Widen their vision of modern healthcare challenges and solutions
  • Improve their understanding of a market economy and of its relevance to responsible doctor-patient relationship, quality of care, therapeutic progress and innovation.

How will it work?

MedECON's educational purpose is served by a publications program to be lauched  and by a seminar and conference program implemented under the guidance of MedECON's international academic board and in partnership with other entities.

Are you Interested?

Institutions, corporations or professionals who are interested in this program can contact us for more details.