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AAPS reminds us of fundamental principles that should guide medical policy


In the wake of an impending overhaul of America's healthcare system, the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons  (JAPandS) aptly reminds policy makers of essential principes that underly human medical services.

Outline of fundamental principles of sound medical policy

  1. Medical care is a professional service, not a right
  2. Physicians are professionals at the service of patients, not of governments, insurers or or other entities
  3. Third party payment creates conflicts of interest that hurt patients
  4. Goverment regulations reduce access to care
  5. Government or third party pricing distorts the value of treatment, creates waste and misallocation of of resources
  6. Confidentiality and trust are at the core of healthy patient-physician realtionship
  7. Physicians have the same legal constitutional rights as other citizens and should not be subjected to discriminatory legal frameworks.
  8. Mandatory medical insurance fosters irresponsibility, increases costs and violates the rights of individuals to decline a product or refuse a service
  9. Coverage is not care. Health plans deny payment and ration care

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