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Vox Medici

Our editorial and monography series on medical, ethical and health public policy issues written by liberty minded physicians.

  • MedLib Comparative Study on Physician Autonomy

    March 27, 2011


    Cross-country physician survey conducted for MedLib by Consensus Research covering US, Switzerland, Germany & Singapore, on the impact of health care environments on professional autonomy and mission.

    To  video presentation of preliminary results:

    AAPS Conference 2010 (Speaker Dr Alphonse Crespo/You-Tube)

    To media summaries:

    US  -  Singapore  - German/Swiss 


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  • Hippocratic Morality versus Medical Ethics

    Ernest Truffer MD

    February 19, 2011

    Despite what many people think, Hippocratic morality and medical ethics are two distinct concepts that are only remotely related.

    Hippocratism is a civilizing and humanist professional philosophy that places the individual at the center of its concerns. Conversely what we now call medical ethics is but a set of rules that puts medicine at the service of power.

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  • US Health Care Reform - A Pyrrhic victory

    Alphonse Crespo

    March 21, 2010

    An armada of log-rollers, rent-seekers & pork dealers led by irresponsible demagogues pushed for a US health care reform that spells like Pyrrhic victory. The "will of the people" may have been irrelevant to House supporters of Obamacare. However, they will not be able to twist the arms of ordinary Americans voters as they did with wavering democratic congressmen. A Rasmussen poll reflects the discontent of taxpaying citizens not ready to pay the price of a costly, bungled health "reform"... and who'll probably remember the names of those who supported it.

    US Health Care Reform: Rasmussen Poll

  • Welcome to Decadence, America!

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    November 22, 2009


    The US Senate has chosen the Bismarckian road to decadence. Americans will be faced with rationing of medical technology, downgrading of care for the elderly, ever rising insurance premiums, health inflation and higher taxes.

    Regulation costs money. The minute coercion steps into any market (and mandatory insurance is coercitive by nature), it sparks an exponential growth of controlers & bureaucrats who don't work for free.

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  • Split Loyalties

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    October 25, 2009


    Dr Alphonse Crespo, founder of Medicine & Liberty exposes problems that confront Swiss health care  and explains why Government regulation is not compatible with the medical mission.

    Watch the Video-interview

    Source:  Medicine & Liberty & AAPS Multicast

  • Medical Independence in America

    October 17, 2009

    In this powerful selection of Voice of Doctors video-clips, American physicians eloquently explain

    - Why medical independence is a prerequisite to quality medical service 
    - How insurance guidelines and government mandates harm patients 
    - Why tort reform is long overdue
    - What needs to change and why doctors must get involved

    Watch the video  

    Split Loyalties

    Dr Alphonse Crespo, founder of Medicine & Liberty explains why Government regulation of health care is not compatible with the medical mission.

    Source:  Medicine & Liberty & AAPS Multicast


  • Kill Altruism in the Name of Morality

    October 12, 2009

    Public welfare and its clones invariably kill altruism and charity (read more) wherever they are instituted. The minute government takes the reins of health care into its hands, it submits medicine  to the tyranny of political expediency and patients have to compete with other far more powerful groups to obtain their share of government redistribution.

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  • Obama's slippery trail to the Bismarckian States of America

    Alphonse Crespo

    September 13, 2009

    Read VoxMedBlog's latest post

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  • Medicine and Politics in Switzerland

    July 9, 2009

    The latest issue of the Courrier publishes a special feature on Swiss Medicine & Politics  directed by Dr Crespo editorial board member,  with articles from Jacqueline Fehr, vice president of the Swiss Socialist party, who dared challenge powerful mandatory insurance lobbies in federal parliament as well as from Prof. Victoria Curzon Price and Nicoleta Acatrinei members of Medicine & Liberty's network.

    Source: Courrier du Médecin Vaudois

  • The costs of mandatory health insurance

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    January 30, 2009

    Swiss mandatory health insurance voted in 1994 created insurance cartels  endowed with wide rationing potential. As part of their tax or pensions money vanishes into bank bailouts and Madoffian neverlands, Swiss  also have to pay for the interference of sickness insurance lobbys with the provision of heath services.

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  • Patient Killers : the Plight of Gideon Sofer

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    January 19, 2009

    As Gideon Sofer, who suffers from Crohn’s disease points out in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed: “The FDA is killing Crohn’s patients, millions of individuals depend on the rate at which new drugs reach the market. Sofer blames the FDA for ethically questionable protocols that impose placebos on groups of patients in legthy double-blind randomized clinical trials and withhold their access to potential cure.

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  • A Winter Journey to the Market in Tbilisi

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    December 17, 2008


    No tanks. No ruins. Business as usual in Tbilisi. When I say business, I mean free markets.

    Georgia's radical move to market in healthcare is rapidly bearing fruits. I visited the brand new Aversi Clinic in Tbillisi. Opened in November 08, this private hospital offers a wide range of services, from genetic testing to lithotripsy and laser eye surgery. Its technical equipment was outstanding while the spotless cleanliness would make even Swiss hospitals blush with envy.

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    Alphonse Crespo MD

    November 3, 2008

    Regulatory hurdles hinder the availability of new therapeutic products and hurt patients every day. Enlightened economists are taking a closer look at this frustrating problem. They propose institutional solutions based on patient sovereignty. Bart Madden, who will be speaking at various European conferences this month, is a pioneer in this field.

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  • From Beijing: China's health care at crossroad.

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    September 24, 2008

    Phiip Stevens from IPN and MedLib's Alphonse Crespo spoke on British and Swiss health care to academics and health policy analysts at Beijing Universities. China is on the verge of major health care reform and faces an ongoing debate between advocates of a single provider national service and those in favor of a competititve and differenciated insurance based model.

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  • How Swiss Health Lobbies Hurt Health

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    August 12, 2008

    After championing generics as the ultimate cost-cutting tool, Santé Suisse, Switzerland's omnipotent health insurance lobby, now calls for tougher price control of drugs including generics. It notably proposes to level Swiss pricing with countries where drugs are cheaper.

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  • Do Patents Help the Poor?

    August 4, 2008

    All human beings, rich or poor, ultimately profit from breakthroughs in curative treatment. Curtailing the rights of innovators will not help the poor. If we want to improve access to cure we should get rid of over-regulation of health industries, not of patents and innovation

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  • And Here Comes Veterinarian Medicine

    Ernest Truffer MD

    May 24, 2008

    Third party payers bring veterinarian principles into human medicine. The treatment of a sick animal depends on the wishes of his owner. Pets, however, are better off than humans: they can count on the empathy of their masters. (Editor's note: and on quicker access to high-tech diagnostic equipment, now easily available for animals yet growingly rationed for ailing humans!)

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  • The Poisoned Tip of Prussian Helmets

    Alphonse Crespo MD

    March 19, 2008

    What do Swiss socialists have in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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  • Physicians : society's favorite trash collectors

    Ernest Truffer

    February 24, 2008

    Physicians cast as garbage collectors in Dr Ernest Truffer's acid commentary (in french)

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  • Philantropy and Medicine

    Alphonse Crespo

    February 20, 2008

    Regulation and rationing will not save decaying welfare systems spawned by Marx and Bismarck. Will the market do better?

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  • Physicians and Authoritarianism in History

    Alphonse Crespo

    February 17, 2008

    This text is exerpted from a paper to be published in "The Hazards of Harassing Doctors : Regulation and Reaction in transatlantic healthcare" © CMPI, NY 2008

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