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From Beijing: China's health care at crossroad.

Phiip Stevens from IPN and MedLib's Alphonse Crespo spoke on British and Swiss health care to academics and health policy analysts at Beijing Universities. China is on the verge of major health care reform and faces an ongoing debate between advocates of a single provider national service and those in favor of a competititve and differenciated insurance based model.


Dr Crespo's suggestion that China' s should look beyond Beveridgian or Bismarkian systems conceived in the 19th Century and adopt a new conceptual framework for health reform based on HSA's and  Risk insurance and to separate this from poverty management programs,  was well received by participants at the Beijing university workshops.


Dr Crespo's presentation 

Dr Crespo's handout

Alphonse Crespo MD

September 24, 2008