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1st Med ECON Conference in Geneva: A new model for patient driven access to innovation

The availability of new medicines is constrained by lengthy administrative approval processes and by cost-containment policies once a drug is approved. Medicine & Liberty's 1st MedECON* conference in Geneva, discussed  "Dual Tracking" a new institutional concept promoting patient choice and accelerated access to pharmaceutical innovation designed by Bartley Madden, independent US researcher and keynote speaker at the event. The "Dual Tracking" model presented at the conference, is relevant not only to economists and physicians but also to all those confronted with chronic or life-threatenig illness. It is also crucial to those who seek therapeutic solutions to the problem of orphan diseases.



Gabriel Calzada, Loredana D'Amato, Bartley Madden                      Alphonse Crespo


Following Bart Madden's presentation of his innovative concept, panelists  discussed the damaging effects of the precautionary principle (Prof. Calzada), new developments in patient information networks on rare & orphan diseases (Dr D'Amato Sizonenko) and drug regulatory processes seen under the light of public choice theory (Prof. Curzon Price). The round table was chaired by Philip Stevens, director of policy at the International Policy Network, London.


Philip Stevens, Alphonse Crespo, Victoria Curzon Price


A french edition of  Bart Madden's "Dual Tracking: More Choices, Better Health" produced by Medicine & Liberty was presented by Dr Alphonse Crespo founder and executive director of Medicine & Liberty.

*MedECON is designed to promote exchanges between economists, physicians and the civil society in order to foster acessible, patient-centered, quality care and accelerate medical innovation. This event was organized in cooperation with the Heartland Institute, Chicago, the Institut Constant de Rebecque, Lausanne, the International Policy Network, London and the Competititve Entreprise Institute, Washington DC (video).

November 7, 2008